5. Dices

Number of Players

1-10 players

Suitable age

4 years and older

Playing time

5-60 minutes


Play Dice like ordinary dice games, except you are going to use cards instead of dice.

What do you need?

If you want to play with one dice. Put only 6 Multi Playing Cards in the game. Select a card for each of the die numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. For every dice you wish to add to the game, select another 6 cards, again ranging from 1 to 6 in die value. In total, there are 9 sets (or dice) in a Multi Playing Cards deck. For additional games, you can also use the double blank card as a zero. This way, you can play all dice games that require up to 9 dice with one deck of Multi Playing Cards. Shuffle the cards really well before and after every game, so the dice will be properly spread throughout the deck. So the dice will be good mixed in the deck.


To create a dice by using cards, properly shuffle the 6 cards (1 to 6). Put the shuffled pile face down on the table and draw the top card. The number that is shown on the die symbol, is the number you just rolled. You can use this system to play all your favorite dice games.

Game 1: Find The Code


For this game, you will not need to combine any cards into sets of dice. Instead, shuffle the entire deck of Multi Playing Cards and make one draw pile. After you’ve done so, the players select a dealer.

The dealer draws one card face down from the draw pile and puts it face up on the table. All players look at the number in section 3 of that card. After everyone has seen the number on the card, the dealer now draws another 5 cards from the draw pile and puts them, face up, next to the first card.

Players now must create a sum that equals the number in section 3 of the first card by using the die values on the other five cards. The players may use any card a number of times and use divide, multiply, subtract and add to reach the correct outcome.

The first player who knows how to get the required outcome, shouts: Yes! I know! After this, he explains, out loud, how he or she got to the outcome. If the calculations are correct, the player wins and receives all open cards on the table. If the player’s calculations are wrong, however, he or she loses all the cards they may have won up till that point in the game. These cards are then shuffled into the draw pile, after which a new round starts.

When there are no more cards in the draw pile, the game ends and the player with the highest number of cards in their possession, wins the game!

Game 2: Thousands

One deck of Multi Playing cards is shuffled and put on the table as a draw pile. Optionally, each player may want to map out a 3 x 3 matrix in front of them, using face down cards from a black Multi Playing Cards deck. Now, every player draws a card from the draw pile, and placed it, face up, in the matrix that is in front of them. The three spaces in the top row multiply the value of a card by 100, the spaces in the second row multiply the value by 10 and the spaces ib the bottom row do not multiply this value at all. So, if a player placed their card (a five in this example) in the top row of their matrix, they will earn 500 point. If they would have placed it in the second row, they would have earned 50 points and the bottom row would have gotten them 5 points. After all players have placed 9 cards in their personal 3 x 3 matrix, the cards will be scored, according to the multiplying value of the rows. Multiply the die value of each card with the value of the row and add these numbers. The player who manages to score closest to 1000 (under or over) wins the game!


Extra options

  1. If you are over 1000, you are bust and will lose automatically.
  2. You may exchange two cards at any given time. This perk may only be used once per game.


For all kinds of dice games and variants we would like to refer to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Dice_games. Use the dice on our Multi Playing Cards to play games like Yahtzee or “Het masker van Amon ra” (a Dutch dice game).

We wish you a lot of high-rolling fun with Dice. Good luck!