Games you can play with Multi Playing Cards

Multi Playing Cards games
At the moment (November 30, 2017) there are more than forty extra games your can play with Multi Playing Cards. For every game option we set you up with the rules. So check out this page for all the games and their associated rules.

New Games
We are still developing new games and you can help us out. When you created a new game with Multi Playing Cards, please let us know.

Example video
The video below shows you all the options and possibilities with the Multi Playing Cards deck.

Cards and Symbols

(Black Cover Edition as well as the White Cover Edition)

Below you find all the symbols on the cards and the games you can play with them. 

01 - Playing Cards - Standing

02 -
Domino 9

03 - Hi-lo

04 - Letters

05 - Dices

06 - Power

07 - Fiches And Chips

08 - Color

09 - Roulette

10 - Quintet

11 - Turn

12 - Do, dare or the truth

13 - Bandit

14 - Start with

15 - Who are you?

16 - Words & points

17 - Chess

18 - Checkers

19 - Make Your Own Game

20 - Playing Cards - Turned

Tokens, chips and values

There are also tokens, chips and values printed on the cards. They can be used as a separate game, but also as money, points and other tokens you might need.

Travel Game 2017 and Travel Game 2018

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