17. Chess

Number of players

2 Players

Age to play

8 years and above

Playing Time 

1 hour till 10 hours or more


Play a match of Chess, using only our Multi Playing Cards.

What do you need?

Two or three sets of Multi Playing Cards; depending on how you want to create the Chess Board.

Set up

Make a Chess board with one color deck. A Chess board is a matrix of 8 x 8. Use the black deck if you have a white table or the white deck if you have a black table. Alternatively, you can also use a black and white deck to make up the board, if you so prefer. Start on the lower left side by placing the first black card. This, incidentally, is the side from which the player who plays white will begin. If you’re using only one deck, leave a space between the black cards to create the white spaces. So, ultimately, you’ll get a setup where cards and table spaces alternate. As said, you can always use a black and white set together.

Sort the cards of another deck, cards and take out cards 1 to 32. These cards will represent the black and white chess pieces. Set up your Chess pieces in the following order:

Bottom row: Rook - Bishop - Knight - Queen - King - Knight - Bishop – Rook

Second to bottom row: All Pawns

After you have all your pieces in place, you’re ready to play chess!

Basic Rules

You can find the basic rules of chess right here.

We wish you a lot of strategic chess fun. Good luck!