9. Roulette

Alternate usability

Play the original Roulette game by using one deck of Multi Playing Cards to create a Roulette playfield. Use a second Multi Playing Cards deck for chips and a third set to draw numbers.

Game: Roulette  - Croupier And His Players

Number of Players

1 - 6 players

Suitable Ages

4 years and above

Playing Time

5 - 20 minutes


Always wanted to be a croupier at a casino? Well, this is your chance!

What do you need?

Sort your cards, by following the symbol field 3. You now have sorted the cards from 1 to 55. Now look to symbol field 9. There are "number cards" ranging from 0 to 36 and there are "winner cards" which have other symbols: 2-to-1, 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1-18, 19-36, Even, Odd, Black, Red, Bank and five player cards.

Set aside the three cards with the "2-to-1" symbol in field 9, those are out of the game. (These are cards 38, 39 and 40, according to the numbers in field 3) Also set the bank and zero card aside. (These are cards 50 and 1, according to the numbers in field 3) The zero cards goes into the draw pile. The bank card is used to mark the player who is also bank.

Set up

Choose a dealer who will shuffle all cards. Every player gets five cards in hand. The remaining cards are used to form a draw pile.  Add the 0 card and shufle this draw pile. The dealer starts the game and becomes the Bank. That player gets the Bank card.

Basic Rules

The objective is to make the right combinations with number cards and winner cards. The first player lays down a card. Both number and winner cards can be layed down on the table. Form a row or line with all the following cards. After this you pick a card of the drawpile. By drawing a card, your turn is over, so you move the bank card to the next player. 

There are a couple of rules, when it comes to laying down cards at the table: 

- Players can lay down as many winner and number cards as they want. (one per turn, of course:))
- Players can also lay down winner cards in lines of other players.
- Players may not lay down number cards in other players' lines.
- Players can also lay down a "player" card to an other player. By doing this, both players will be linked to eachother now. Their winner          cards will count for the both of them.

Now, let's earn some points!

Imagine you layed down the number card 1 (in symbol field 9). This number is a red card. So it will match with the following winner cards: Red, 1st 12, 1-18 and odd. The other winner cards do not result in a match. 

With a right combination you win one point and a false combination makes you loose a point. If you have a right combination with, for example, the number card 1 and winner card Red, you earned one point. But if you add winner card Black to your row, the situation will change. It migt cost you points, but the outcome of your row is only definitive when the game ends . 

If the draw pile is out of cards the game ends. All number cards with the right and foul winner cards combinations get summed. The player with the most points wins the first game. A player who wins three times is the ultimate winner. Keep in mind that the winner cards can add or reduce different amount of points:

One Point                         Two points

- Red                                  - 1st 12

- Black                               - 2nd 12

- 1-18                                  - 3rd 12

- 19-36

- Odd

- Even

The Zero Event

During the game players draw cards from the draw pile. If any player draws the number card 0, that player calls “ZERO”. All players choose half of their cards and mark them by pulling them a little bit out of the row. The next player starts his or her turn now, by drawing a card. Two things might happen now; If the next card is a red colored card, all cards who were set aside, will stay in the game and pulled back to their original space. If the next card is a black card or a winners card, the cards who were chosen will be reshuffled into the draw pile. Only the player with the bank card will be saved from this event, so the bank will not lose any card. After this, the number card 0 will be set aside and is out of the game.

We wish you a lot of card game fun. Good luck!