6. Power

Number of players

1 - 10 players

Age to play

8 or above

Playing Time

20 minutes

What do you need?

One set of Multi Playing Cards

Set up

Every player gets 7 cards in hand. Lay the other cards as a draw pile on the table. Each player lays his/her highest and lowest card  in front of them on the table, face down. The rest of their cards remain in hand. 

Basic Rules

The goal of the game is to form a row of at least four cards which would result as the same number that is displayed on the highest or lowest card of the player. 

The first player lays down a card and tells the other players what's on the card. This is the start of the first row.

Every player can chooseto either start a new row or to place a card at a row of another player.  Whether you start a new row or place a card at somebody else's row, you always need to tell your fellow players the outcome of that row.

After a player plays a card, he also draws a new card from the draw pile. After that his or her turn is over. 

To win the game, the outcome of a row has to be the same as the highest or lowest card of the player. Note that a player can only claim a row after placing a card first and the row has to be at least four cards long.

First player to complete two rows correctly is the victor!

Claiming error

If a player claims a row and the sum of the cards is not on one of his faced down cards, this player gets an extra closed card on table. Now this player must claim an extra row.

New draw pile

Every time a row contains cards which cancel eachother out (like -5 and +5), discard both cards to a discard pile. If there are no cards left in the draw pile, form a new one out of the discard pile.


You can also use this field for games with tokens, like Magic the Gathering.

We wish you a lot of card game fun. Good luck!