10. Quintet

Number of players

2 - 11 players

Suitable Ages

4 - 99 players

Playing Time

1 - 5 minutes


Have you alreay spotted that cute looking creature on the Multi Playing Cards in symbol field 10? These guys are called Muipies and the next game is all about them. Find the five Muipies of same color and win the game.

What do you need?

One set of Multi Playing Cards.

Set up

Choose a dealer. The Dealer shuffles all cards and blindly hands out five cards to every player. These cards will be held in hand. The dealer starts the game. The rest of the cards (if there are any) are set aside in form of a pile to draw additional cards from.

Basic Rules

The goal of the game is to collect one set of five Muipies of the same color. Decide which color Muipies you have the most of already at the start and go after them. In your turn, ask a player of your choosing if he or she has the Muipie of the color that you need. If the opponent has a Muipie of that colour indeed, he is obliged to hand it over to you. If the opponent doesn't have the asked colour Muipie in hand, the player has to drawa card from the pile and his turn ends. Note that you only may ask a for color that you already have in hand.

If you have five Muipies with the same color in your hand you call "Muipie!" and you win the game.


Try to remember who has asked for which cards.


- Play till there are no cards left. The player with the most completed piles of Muipies wins. 
- Play with more then one set Multi Playing Cards. Now you have to collect ten Muipies!
- You can combine this game with other games on the Multi Playing Cards.

We wish you a lot of joy, combo's and gameplay with Quintet  - Find All Same Color Muipies. Good luck!