7. Fiches and Chips


Use the cards as Poker chips or Roulette fiches or other (card) games. Looking for some inspiration? We have an excellent game in store for you. 


Number of Players

1 - 6 players

Suitable Ages

4 years and older 

Playing Time

5 up to 120 minutes


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Learn their strategy and outsmart them. Be smart, think ahead and become the best Casino Mind Robber of the house!

Set up

Every player gets ten cards with the following values:

1 x 100

1 x 50

2 x 10

1 x 5

5 x 1

Every player shuffles their ten cards and forms two rows of five cards with the cards face down on table, placed in front of the player. These rows are referred to as the players casino.

Each turn starts by sending out a robber to steal a card from another players casino (by picking a card from the casino of the player at your right).  Every player steals a card at the same time. All players show the card they stole at the same time and call the value or say "Robbed" when someone stole the 100 chip.

The player who lost his 100 chip is out of the game (three or more players) or the player who stole the 100 chip is the winner (two player game).

If no one picked the 100 chip card, all robbers place the stolen card face up right under their casino cards. This happens every round (except when someone picked the 100 chip card) If the stolen card is the same or lower than the last stolen card nothing will happen. 

If the next stolen card is higher than the previous stolen card, the player may steal another card from another player of their choosing. But this is only allowed when he is the only player that has pulled a higher card. If two players (or more) both have stolen a card with a higher value than the previous stolen card, nothing will happen. 

In a two player game, the first player who steals the other players 100 chip card, is the winner. If you play with three or more players, the last player who still has his or her 100 chip card wins the game!


1. Shuffle the cards and place them in front of you. No one knows where the 100 chip is placed in his or her casino.

2. Shuffle the cards and place them in front of you. Every player takes a look at all his cards in the casino, so everyone knows where the 100 chip is placed in his casino.

3. Each player places their 100 chip face up on table. The rest of the cards will be shuffled and placed face down to make a casino two rows; one with five cards and one with four cards. All players look away from the cards. One player turns around, takes a look at their casino, switches around some of the cards and puts the 100 chip in it. Every player gets to do this, so now every player knows where his or her own 100 chip card is. 


- If you're playing the third variant, think of a tactical spot for your 100 chip card. Also think and predict what the other players might do.
- Mirror your opponent when stealing cards.
- Change robbers (use your left or right hand)
- You can combine card games with the other games on the Multi Playing Cards.

We wish you a lot of card game fun. Good luck!