15. Who Are You?


Number of Players

2 Players

Suitable ages

8 years and older

Playing Time

20 - 60 minutes


You are inspector Jones. A heinous crime has been committed and there is only one witness that got a good look at the criminal. Now it’s up to you to find the fiend by asking the witness all the right questions…

What do you need?

One set of Multi Players Cards.

Set up

Use the cards 1 – 50. One player (player 1) lays out a 5 x 5 matrix, made up out of card 1 to 25, face up on table. The other player (player 2) shuffles cards 26 - 50 and puts them aside. These cards are going to be used as a draw pile.

Basic Rules

Player 2 draws a card and takes a look at the face that is depicted in field number 15 of the card. Player 1 asks player 2 questions that will hopefully lead to the identity of the criminal. It is always smart to ask questions that can only be answered with yes or no. For instance: “Does the suspect have a moustache?”, “is he/she wearing something on his/her head?”, “is he/she smiling?”, etcetera. Player 2, being the honest witness he or she is, has to answer these questions truthfully.

After asking a question and receiving the answer from player 2, player 1 can now begin the process of elimination. If, for instance, the question was “Does the suspect have a moustache?” and the answer to this question is “no”, player 1 can flip over all cards that show a character with a moustache and put them an answer you can eliminate some of the suspects, so they are facing down. When player 1 thinks he or she knows who the criminal is, he or she says “I know who you are” and points at the card on table on which your suspected villain is shown. Be careful though; you can do this only one time per round, so you’d better be sure of your theory before accusing anyone.

If player 1 has pointed to the correct criminal, he or she wins the corresponding card from player 2 and puts it aside, next to the matrix. If player 1 guessed wrong, player 2 wins the card. One card counts as one point.

The game ends when the draw pile is out of cards. The player with the most villain cards wins the game!


- Instead of flipping the cards of the persons who you have eliminated as the perpetrator, leave all cards face up and try to remember which cards are still in play and which have been eliminated.
- Play with a second set of Multi Playing cards. Both players take both the role of inspector as well as the role of witness. In turn, they have to ask and answer questions and both have to identify their respective perpetrator.
- Play this game with multiple decks, so more players can join in to identify the perpetrator. Learn from the questions of the other players and flip the cards in your own matrix. If you, however, ask a question that has already been asked by another player, you will be out of the game!
- You can always try to combine this game with other games on the Multi Playing Cards.

We wish you a lot of crime solving fun. Good luck!