12 Do, Dare or the Truth


Number of players

2 - 55 players

Suitable ages

6 years and older

Playing time

1 - 4 hours

Number of Multi Playing Cards decks

1 deck of Multi Playing Cards


Do you think you know your friends? Play this game with them and you'll learn a lot more about them! This is basically the orignal Truth or Dare game, but with an extra dimension to it.

What do you need?

Use the cards 1 - 56

Set up

Choose a dealer. The dealer shuffles all cards, makes a draw pile and starts the game.

Basic rules

Play clockwise. Decide with all players which task or question you're going to assign to the three options of this game.

A thing you must do. (Do)
A thing you would dare to do. (Dare)
Or one question where you want to know the truth about. (Truth)

The dealer gives every player one card face up and the person with the highest number on field 3 is the player has to fulfill the assignment. The player gets a new card. Look at field 12. The words Do, Dare and Truth are printed there and one of them is printed in green.

If it is “Do” , the player must do the task at hand.
If it is “Dare”, the players ask if the player would dare to do it and if the answer is yes you can choose to actually fulfill the task.
If it is “Truth”, the player must answer the question truthfully. 

If a player chickens out, he or she is out of play.

If a player completes the task, he/she gets the card.
Do cards are 3 points.
Dare cards are 2 points.
Truth cards are 1 point.

It's time for a new round. Only the players who have not been selected yet, get a new card from the dealer. If all players have had their turn, everyone can join the game again. If the draw pile has no more cards, the game ends. The player with the most points at the end of the game, wins!


Think about fun things to challenge each other. Don’t come up with things that can hurt a player (emotionally or physically) or your surroundings.


Be a dog for a minute.
Jump like a duckling.
Do the laundry.
Do the dishes.


Will you dare to call my mom to say I was on a magic show and now I’m changed in a cucumber?
Will you dare to let a spider run over your arm?
Will you dare to lick the table?


What is the worst thing you did at work or school?
Do you like Pete?

Extra rules

Use the double blanco card as a wild card. The payer who gets the card doesn't have to do anything.


Have fun. Keep it funny.
- Play this game if there is a lot of housekeeping at home ;)
- You can use all cards or just a few cards.
- You can select all Do or Dare or Truth cards and play only one sort.
- You can combine this game with other games on the Multi Playing Cards.

We wish you a lot of card game fun. Good luck!